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Prince’s and Princess’s


Hang on a minute, what is this blog about?

First things first, this is NOT a fairy tale! But, it is a story of a family, perhaps one that is not too dissimilar to your own.

Anyhow, let’s get back to my story…

In our house, there is a hierarchy as I am sure there is in most other houses.

At the top of this hierarchy is the King and Queens but if truth be told the Queen runs things ;-). Next in line is the Princes and Princesses who are all equal in power but their age and experience normally sets clear boundaries.

Now, why do I use royalty as the way I define my family? The simple answer is because our house, our businesses and even our children fall within the Kingdom belonging to the King & Queen.

As is the tradition with any kingdom of the realm, the rules and the laws of the land are set and approved upon by the King & Queen. These laws are binding and have to be followed by the King & Queen’s subjects, including their children. And these laws will continue to be followed until the day their parents pass or abdicate the throne and from then the Princes and Princesses might become Kings or Queens in their own right.

Our children also understand that “The Kingdom of Mum and Dad” is a safe and honest place to seek refuge.

These titles are not used as a form of privilege or gender stereotypes and we are certainly not spoiling our children. Our number one goal as a parent is to love, nurture and protect our children through life, allowing them to enjoy the life that they deserve. It is certainly not to make them think that they are better than anyone else and we certainly don’t want to see an ounce of arrogance. Confidence — yes, but arrogance will certainly be discouraged.

We these titles as terms of endearment to encourage our children to empower them, to show them that no matter how large or small your kingdom is, it is what you make of it that counts.

And we are strong believers that you should always treat others with fairness, kindness and respect. And if you want more in life you need to push for it.

This is achieved by the King and Queen leading by example, by being there for your children, by listening to your children’s needs and giving your children options.

How many people say they’re doing it for their children without ever asking their children what they actually want?

Technology has swapped playtime with game time, book time with YouTube time, time spent with your children with facetime. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying throw away technology. I’m saying use it in measures — your children need you there with them! Time with your children is precious. They grow up so quickly and I don’t want you to live with regret on missing out on those times you worked late missing their school play, sports day or graduation day.

You can’t get those times back!

One day your children will work out the real reason they are Princes and Princesses and the reality is the King and Queen won’t always be here and they will understand why you put so much attention and effort into them.

It is important that your Princesses and Princes are looked after by people who treat them like they deserve to be treated so be sure to inspect the schools your child attends; question the teacher; find out about their friends; when using after-school clubs, make sure staff are trained, experienced and understand the worth of your most valuable item… your child.

If you can’t be around due to work or other commitments, make sure your child is not just another margin of profit for the organisation they attend.

I want to form a parents group where we can discuss subjects with each other and offer a support network.

Being a parent does not come with an instruction manual.


Interested? PM me on Facebook at Thomas Scannell

And when you feel you are ready to join my crusade…

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