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What is a After school club

With the 9–5 work ethic and the fast pace of lives, Their are more and more parents are using After School Club programms. Unlike specialised clubs, which offer tuition in music, dance or sport, Many Parents are signing their most imporant possien up and not really knowing what they should expect, these clubs exist to provide a safe and simulating environment for primary school children and act lifeline for parents who otherwise would not be able to work.

What is an After-School Club?

After-school clubs are Ofsted-regulated clubs that can be attached to a school or run from a commercial building, and are partially subsidised by the government for low income parents or tax allowances for parents earning slightly more. They offer children supervised, structured activities directly after school, usually 3:15pm to 6:30pm ,Breakfast Clubs 7:30am to 9:00 and Holiday Clubs 7:30am to 6:30pm are normally available. Concessionary fees are often available.

Some clubs offer help with homework, this allows children to finish their homework before they get home. It will all depends on the ethos of the club you wish to attend as some are designed to give disadvantaged children a better start in life.

Advantages of After-School Clubs

  • Can be cheaper than other forms of childcare.

  • Ofsted-regulated, which means parents have peace of mind that their child is in a safe, protected environment.

  • Can instil a sense of continuity and security in a child, which is reinforced when school friends attend the club as well.

  • Provide supervised help with homework. Helping parents to spend quality time with their children without those homework battles.

  • Great place to meet new friends

Price Shouldn’t be everything

After-school clubs, Should offer a variety of activities, from arts and crafts to watching movies and music videos to playing on a Computer.

These activites will help keep your child engaged and also help personal development through play, an after school club that only provide dosen’t provide a sufficient play space is letting the child and the parents down, this also can hinder Personal Development of your child in areas such as Communication, Decision making, Leadership just to name a few.

So when picking a After school club look for more than locations and price, talk to the staff team, find out the company history these people will be looking after your children and some of the staff my become role models for them.

Please feel free to conact me regarding any quires you should have relating to after school clubs.

Thomas Scannell

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