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Welcome to Simply Kids

Breakfast, Out of School and Holidays Clubs

Our mission is to fulfill the needs of all children by providing a platform that offers opportunities for personal, social, and emotional development.

Our Mission

We Aim to Achieve this by Offering Activities

We aim to achieve this by offering activities and resources that foster individual growth and cultivate strong community leaders.


Play is a crucial element in facilitating optimal child development, as recognized by the United Nations Children's Committee (2013). It is essential for children's health, well-being, and various aspects of learning. Play is also instrumental in nurturing creativity, imagination, and the simple enjoyment of childhood

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Core Value 

Community Development

We consider our community as our most valuable resource and actively engage in activities that promote community cohesion. By bringing children and adults together through a diverse range of activities, we aim to build a solid foundation for our children's future.


Encouraging Self-worth

We promote the development of self-love and self-esteem in our activities, enabling individuals to recognize their own worth and value life and others around them.


Promoting Integrity

Honesty and transparency are highly valued, and we hold ourselves accountable to all those we work with. Our commitment to integrity ensures that our actions enhance community development values and serve as an example for others.



We value the diversity within our communities and appreciate the contributions made by individuals from all backgrounds.



We recognize and appreciate the inherent worth, dignity, diversity, and abilities of all individuals, families, groups, and communities. By working in solidarity with people, we strive to create improved conditions for health and foster productive relationships.

Growth in Business and Individuals

We Are Dedicated to Supporting Every Person

who comes through our doors in their personal growth journey. Whether it is developing children through play or supporting parents through our parent networks, we aim to establish a strong foundation for community growth. Our business grows organically within the community rather than pursuing monetary gain. We prioritize the growth and development of our staff, providing them with opportunities for experience and qualifications. Additionally, we consult with our customers as we expand to ensure that we consistently meet their standards. We strive to collaborate with local individuals to foster community growth.

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Our Services 

What We Do

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